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EMV Chip Cards are Here!

New and reissued Fast Check and Business debit cards will include an EMV chip. The microchip embedded in these cards makes transactions at properly equipped point-of-sale terminals and ATMs much safer. EMV chip cards are the latest addition to Tomahawk Community Bank’s fraud prevention program.
Converting the card payment system in the United States to EMV technology is a very large task and will take some time. For that reason, debit and credit cards will be issued with both EMV and standard magnetic stripe technology for the next several years. The dual technology allows time for merchants and card issuers, such as Tomahawk Community Bank, to phase in this technology.
There are limits to the protection EMV cards offer. To take advantage of the security of chip technology, the card must be inserted in the EMV-enabled slot in the terminal or ATM and left in place until the transaction completes. EMV cards, when "swiped" at a terminal or ATM, are using the older magnetic stripe technology so do not have the protection of EMV. Similarly, online transactions using an EMV card do not have the added protection because the technology works only if a machine reads the chip.
As a card user you still need to remain vigilant about protecting your card and card information, including your PIN.
Reporting a LOST or STOLEN Card:

To report your card as lost or stolen, contact us at 715-453-2144 or toll free 877-822-7552 to speak to a Personal Banker.  After business hours call 800-472-3272.  ATM/Debit Card Business Hours are Monday - Friday 9AM - 4PM and Saturday 7:30AM - Noon.

TRAVELING outside the United States?

BANK NOTIFICATION IS REQUIRED - Your card WILL NOT approve international transactions unless you give prior notification to the bank!  Please call us during business hours at 715-453-2144 or toll free 877-822-7552 with travel dates and the countries you will be visiting.  With an increase in fraudulent international transactions, this helps prevent fraudulent transactions from happening to you.  After business hours, if you have a transaction declined or denied call the Enfact Fraud Call Center at 800-262-2024.

Whenever or wherever you travel...Always remember to take more than one form of payment with you!

EnFact Fraud Monitoring - Real Time for your protection!

EnFact fraud monitor builds a profile of each card user and then monitors card activity 24/7 for potentially suspicious activity.  You will receive an automated call from EnFact when a suspicious transaction occurs:

  • You will be asked to verify recent transaction activity on your card.
  • You will use your touchtone telephone keypad to respond to the inquiries.
  • You will be provided a toll-free number to call if you have questions.

Your response to this call is important to help stop actual fraud and to avoid restrictions that may be placed on your card.

A sudden change in the location from which transactions usually occur, a high-cost purchase, a string of transactions from a merchant or ATM within a short time period, or a transaction that matches criteria of a known fraud trend may flag a transaction as suspicious.

Please inform us of a change of telephone number as soon as possible, so you can be contacted quickly when suspicious transactions occur.



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